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IRS Tax Problems?  No Problem!  Get Help From Pro Tax.

IRS Tax Problems? Call Pro Tax!

Pro Tax Financial Services has helped thousands of clients solve IRS problems for over a decade. We can help with just about any tax problem:


• Audit

• Wage Garnishment

Tax Liens

• Tax Levy

• Back Taxes

• Tax Amendments

• Offer In Compromise

• Installment Agreements


Tax problems are a very serious issue, but no matter what your tax problem is, Pro Tax can help. You have rights as a taxpayer and we are experts at defending your rights. Be careful of getting suckered into overpaying at other high priced tax firms. The person that you usually meet with is normally just a salesman who tries to collect your money up front then dishes your problem off to a regional office. At Pro Tax you will meet with a tax expert who will handle your case from start to finish with great customer service.


Please remember that tax problems do not go away by turning your back them. When you are ready to get serious help with your issue contact us at (480) 464-1040 for a free consultation.